Your Company Culture – Critical Success – Bretton Putter – AND 26

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What is the first thing that comes to mind when I say culture?  Well, what ever your first thought may be, it is probably not going to be related to the culture of your company.  As a matter of fact there may even be a good chance your company does not have an official culture statement.  And yet, having a clearly defined culture for your business can help channel your missions, hiring, how people work, values and so much more!

Bretton Putter entrepreneur, C-suite consultant, and author joins me in Episode 26 of A New Direction.  He has created a unique book that literally will help you define or redefine your culture by taking a look at some of the most successful companies “culture decks”.  What is a “culture deck” you so eagerly ask?  A culture deck is a company slideshare presentation of their company culture.  Hence the title of Bretton’s Book “Culture Decks Decoded: Transform Your Culture into a Visible Conscious and Tangible Asset“.

 In this book you will see the cultural transparency of companies like Netflix, Nordstrom, Hubspot, Hootsuite and more!  How they are using their culture decks to hire the right people, have the right work ethic, and how their values become the employee values.

If you have not considered your company culture I highly suggest you listen to Episode 26 because I will even share how his book inspired me to write out a cultural statement for the company I consult for and how it blew away the owner of the company and shaped how the company now interviews prospective employees.  Take a listen!  And tell your friends!

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