Write Your Book…What You Need to Know – Antoinette Kuritz – AND 14

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Most people want to write a book.  Now that there is self publishing it seems like anyone and everyone can call themselves an “author”.

However, just because you wrote a book doesn’t mean you are making money with your book,  In Episode 14 of AND we interview Antoinette Kuritz Author, Publicist, Speaker, Co-Owner of Strategies Literary Development and Public Relations, (www.strategiespr.com) and Founder of the La Jolla Writer’s Conference.  Antoinette talks to us about the real business of writing books and discusses the hard facts of what it takes to be successful.

She also discusses why your book probably is never going to be seen by a traditional publisher, why most people never sell more than 50 books, and the things you should know before you even consider writing a book.

With well over a million new books published last year (over 10 times the number just 5 years ago) … the growth of the book industry has also spawned the growth of less-than-expert-experts as well as out-and-out book-crooks. For over two decades, Antoinette Kuritz,  Book Developer, Publisher, Media Coach, Author, and Founder of the LaJolla Writers Conference, has made it her business to assist writers of all levels get their words into print while avoiding the rip-offs in the new world of traditional, electronic and self publishing.

In 2001, as a labor of love, she founded the annual LaJolla Writers Conference, paying it forward by teaching the Art, Craft, and Business of writing to aspiring and established authors of all levels. So, if, as the survey says, 80% of Americans believe they have a book in them, and almost anyone can now “publish” a book, what will it take to get your words out, and make them stand out?


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