Working Multiple Jobs to Discover the Life You Desire – Shanah Bell

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In a world where people are more concerned about their time off, complaining about working too many hours, along comes a young woman who goes to college and graduate school, is a single parent works multiple jobs and is looking for more work. Along the way she accumulates a variety of knowledge multiple skills. Couple with that her relentless work ethic and her desire to learn and you have an amazing story of one person who inspires others to success. This describes this episode of A New Direction‘s guest, Shanah Bell.

Shanah grew up in an entrepreneurial family. A family where you just always tried. You never quit trying, and you give your best effort at all times. Known for her stubbornness and “never tell me I can’t do something” attitude her mom called her a PITA (Pain in the —-). That acronym would serve her well as her work ethic, knowledge, skills, and abilities, allowed her be able to do nearly everything and do it with great success. Hence, she wrote a book about her experiences and the lessons she has learned entitled “The Art of Being a PITA”.

While all of Shanah’s many jobs make an interesting story. There is also the problem of the stereotype of someone who is trying to figure out her place. And because of her ability to quickly learn and adapt it became a challenge for businesses to figure out how to categorize her, or where she exactly fit in. The truth is, they just needed to plug her in, because she is capable of being great in any position they put her in.

Her story is one that may make some people shake their heads. It will make you laugh, because her fun loving giving attitude is contagious. But it really is a story of a relentless young women in search of her dreams, while managing a full time job as a single parent, a full time graduate student, and managing to excel at multiple jobs at the same time. It is people like her that are that every employer should desire, and the type of person we need to applaud. Enjoy Shanah’s thoughts and insights. And maybe you will desire to learn the art of being a PITA.

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