Want to Buy a Franchise Business? What YOU Need to Know – Greg George – Emerging Franchises

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Franchising. Most all of us have thought about it. Whenever your car is sitting in the two lane drive thru for that fast food restaurant you stop think “I wonder how much money this place makes in a day? Man, I need to own one of these.”

Well before you think you can just “buy” a franchise business. You probably should speak with an expert in Franchises. Enter
Greg George, CEO/Owner/Founder of Emerging Franchises. For 17+ years Greg has navigated the waters of franchising to the point he can tell you if you would even be a good fit to be a franchise owner. Check out Emerging Franchises Facebook Page here.

In Episode 36 of A New Direction Greg gives you the inside track to understanding what you will need if you truly want to be successful in the franchising business. he also provides us with a few insights into his lifestyle and his alter ego “Mr. Positive”.

I promised that you will be able to find his 8 requirements in order to have a successful franchise, and here they are:

  1. The Franchise must have a Good Name
  2. The franchise must have a Great Product
  3. The franchise must be Aesthetically Pleasing to the Eye
  4. They must provide “superior” nearly “legendary” Customer Service
  5. Low labor Cost
  6. Low Food/Product Cost
  7. A Great Location
  8. Guerrilla Marketing

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  1. Great post!! You shared very effective ways that help to grow businesses in this post. Franchise consultant is the best way to choose.

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