TOP 10 Ways to Prepare for Out of Town Guests

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Is there anything that can cause both excitement and stress then when out of town guests are coming. You are so glad to see them, but you want everything to be perfect. What do you do?

Author and the “Queen of Top !0’s” Kim Polland helps you plan your way for those guests so that everyone has a great time, and you reduce your stress, so you can enjoy the loved ones in the way you had always hoped.

In Episode 27 of A New Direction Kim is a nurse an lives everyday with the painful nerve disorder fibromyalgia . Listen to how she lives her life in such a positive and giving way. Kim and I discuss everything from making sure you think about family favorites, to having enough toilet paper in the house…because let’s face it….toilet paper is emotional! Especially if these are holiday guests.

In Episode 27 you will laugh, think, and say, “that’s a great idea”. I know I did.

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