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How to Start Fixing Your Culture – Culture Fix – Colin Ellis

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Colin Ellis - Culture FixIt has been said that “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” well if that is so true why do people spend more money on “strategy” than “culture”?  Think about this way…you can have what is considered to be a great strategy, but if your people will not implement it…it really doesn’t matter.  The reality is if you have a great culture you can accomplish nearly anything in your business.  It is that simple.  That is because great people in a great culture work together to accomplish great things.  Folks we must start with culture if we truly want success.

Culture Fix BookIn this episode of A New Direction friend of the program, culture expert, and author Colin Ellis returns to not just talk about culture, but what are the steps we need to take to start fixing the culture, all from his book Culture Fix.  Colin states in his book, “Culture change success requires only one ‘lone nut'”.  One person with the radical idea that people and culture come first.  Where there is no doubt that Colin Ellis is that “lone nut” that will influence you to be the “lone nut” when it comes to  fixing and changing your culture.  Culture Fix is not a book on the philosophy of culture it is a practical guide how you can go about changing it!  Get your copy here.

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