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Start Your Business with Minimal Capital – How to Launch Your Side Hustle – Troy Underwood

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Entrepreneur Troy Underwood - How to Launch Your Side HustleHave you ever thought you could be an entrepreneur?  Probably.  You have either now or sometime in the past have said, “my idea could be a business”.  So what stopped you?  Maybe you didn’t believe your idea was good enough.  Maybe you thought, “where am I going to get the money”.  Maybe the whole idea of just running your own business overwhelmed you once you started thinking about every detail it would take to actually run the business.  By the way, every successful entrepreneur had exactly the same thought.  The difference?  They found a way to do it anyway.  Look entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart.  There are so many risks involved and the truth is more fail than succeed.  And even those that do succeed had moments where they didn’t think they would make it.  Well there is some help for you.

How to Launch Your Side Hustle” by  Entrepreneur Troy Underwood - The Hollywood ...In this episode of A New Direction author and expert entrepreneur Troy Underwood has been where you are over and over again and he succeeded.  And he has written what I think may be the most practical guide to starting your own business when you are not sure of the idea or how you are going to fund it.  The book is entitled How to Launch Your Side Hustle and it the information he gives you is like drinking water from a fire hose.  Not only does Troy take you through the beginning of getting started, but he talks about scaling your business, hiring, marketing, legal issues you may want to consider, and how you can exit.  How to Launch Your Side Hustle is in my opinion one of the best investments you will make if you have any desire to be an entrepreneur.  Enjoy the show…the information is invaluable.  He will be coming back!  Hey and tell your friends to listen too!

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