Social Media Lessons from Miley Cyrus: She Twerked it Worked

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miley twerkingMiley Cyrus did her “twerking” and while people and critics were confused, appalled, and outraged, her social media said one thing…twerking was working.

Check out these stats*:

1.  Topped Googles “hot searches”

2.  Added 100,000 Instagram followers

3.  Added 50,000 Facebook likes

4.  Peaked at 300,000 Twitter mentions per minute (Oh BTW the best last years SuperBowl did was 231K)

So what do we learn from this?

1.  Moving outside of the normal creates buzz

Too often we want to fit in, avoid the critics, and be part of the status quo.  Why?  No one cares if you look like everyone else.  Boring is still boring.  Even if you cause a stir or is  possibly unpopular, it creates buzz, creates conversations, and creates interest.

2.  Calculated ploys work

Do you think for one minute that Miley just showed up and did this impromptu.  NO WAY!  This was calculated.  This was about creating a buzz.  This was not only carefully calculated it was rehearsed.  If you plan your social media well enough  and it is different or something outrageous you may go viral.

3.  You must take risks

riskWe have all heard it said, “risk nothing lose nothing”, or, “no risk no reward”.  Look sometimes you need to just take a risk.  Yes it is easier said than done, but if you want to see a social media explosion you will need to take some risks on your social media.  Note:  I didn’t say be dumb, taking a risk does have some calculation to it, it only means you are not certain about the outcome.

4.  Nothing is irreversible

We are generally a pretty forgiving group of people.  Tiger Woods is still popular, Michael Vick is a quarterback again,  OH and what did Charlie Sheen do anyway?  The point is even if something seems disastrous on social media the fact is over time it just seems to go away.

5.   Awards are meaningless if you can steal the show

Did you know Miley Cyrus did not receive one award?  Nope, but no one is talking about the winners they are talking about the person who stole the show.  Point:  There may be people with more credentials on social media, but who cares about credentials when you can have the spot light not just for one night, but for days after.

criticsLook if you are boring on social media…well you are boring.  If you write like everyone else, you look like everyone else.  I am not suggesting that you tear off all of your clothes and do the bump and grind, but stand out, be different, take a risk, and steal the show.  Yes you will get your critics, but the last time I checked if the critics are talking about you it is because you have done something worth talking about.  Besides it is easy to be a critic sitting in a chair when you have done nothing…at least you can walk away saying, “at least I put myself out there and have done something different”.  And that is far more than any critic has ever done.

Stay Successful My Friends!

Jay Izso, Internet Doctor®



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