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Practical Secrets for Leadership and Success: LEVEL UP! – Royce Gomez

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Image result for royce gomezWhen we talk about leadership it seems it is invariably linked with success.  When you start to consider what it takes to truly be a great leader…well…success is right there.  But the opposite is true, the more successful one is…well…the more leadership responsibility that they either take on or is thrown at them.   Because of these two terms are so connected it only makes sense that if we talk about how to one the fact is we are also affecting the other.  When  book comes a long that recognizes their connection, well then it becomes a must read.

Level Up!: Visioning Your Leadership DNA by [Gomez, Royce]What then stops any of us from being the leaders we could be?  If it is true that anyone can lead then why don’t we?  What is the missing link in our personal system that keeps either from becoming leaders or being the best leader.  It is time to LEVEL UP!  Author Royce Gomez joins us on this addition of A New Direction (AND).  She has written an inspirational, fast reading, and personally challenging book entitled “Level Up!  Visioning Your Leadership DNA“.  Filled with not only encouraging and challenging practical tips, but Royce Gomez also shares part of her personal story to explain how she became the CEO, Entrepreneur that she has become.

Not to be a spoiler, but the reality it is all of this starts in the first chapter of the book and carries us through out both Level Up!  and this show…and that is…”Dream” and not just dream…but how big is your dream?  Have you stopped dreaming?  Why?  And if you want get back on track in the success of life and leadership get back to dreaming and DREAM BIG!

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