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Lessons in Life and Business – The Way of the Road Warrior – Rob Jolles

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Rob Jolles Author, Speaker, CoachThere are many lessons we can learn from our journeys in business and life.  We all have them.  But how many of us have actually took a journal and wrote every day about our journey.  Not many of us for sure.  Rob Jolles one of the world’s leading sales trainers and inspirational speakers has been journaling his travels as a speaker and world traveler.  He has logged over 2.5 million miles around the globe.  At one point he was 280 days on the road speaking to group after group grooming sales departments, CEO’s and staff.  And in his book he gives us a glimpse into the 19 years he spent jumping from plane to plane, city to city and the lessons he learned that can be applied to both life and business.  He truly understands The Way of the Road Warrior.

The Way of the Road WarriorThe Way of the Road Warrior Book is not your typical business travel book.  It is much deeper than that.  In this episode of A New Direction Rob Jolles shares his life, his experiences, and the highs and the lows that come with both a heavy travel schedule and the toll it takes on both him and the people he loves.  This book is both entertaining, and at the same time incredibly honest.  He pulls no punches and gives you the great successes and great failures, and the life that nearly cost him everything.  The lessons shared in The Way of the Road Warrior apply to all of us.  You do not have to be a traveling speaker or salesman to glean a powerful message that should awaken all of us as we try to achieve success.

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