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Lead the Right People for Greater Profit – MicroFamous – Matt Johnson

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Matt JohnsonOne of the biggest mistakes most people make when they start a new business is that they try to be everything to everyone.  And in essence they become nothing to no one. What we really know is that we will always be more successful with a smaller specific group of people that respond to our message. Some people want to become “famous”, so they use social media to make themselves famous.   The reality: They may be famous in terms of likes and shares, but they are not profitable.  The truth is if you want to be truly successful and profitable, you want to be MicroFamous.

In this episode of A New Direction, Matt Johnson takes us through the power of being MicroFamous and what the means for you, your company and your profitability.  Matt explains to us that people are searching for leaders, true influencers that they want to listen to and buy from.  And in his book MicroFamous: Become Famously Influential to the Right People Matt Johnson takes you through the steps of ensuring you have a clear & compelling idea, knowing your specific group of people you influence, and then building your New Media Marketing Machine.  The results of being MicroFamous?  A Win-Win for both your clients and you, which includes high profits for you.  Listen to the show and tell your friends.  This is one of those eye opening shows that will change the way you think and change your business to more profitability.

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