Holiday Gifts for Your Business and Social Media

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holly_bell_pc3_1600_clr_1602It’s the holiday season.  Most people are smiling a bit more, there conversations are a bit lighter, and their countenance is a bit brighter.  I also find that not only is it my daily face to face interactions, both personally and professionally, but I am noticing it even within the different social media platforms.  Now perhaps it is my own confirmation bias, but perhaps you are seeing the same thing.

How often do we see pictures with the holiday sweater as the profile picture.   Especially the ever popular “ugly sweater” holiday parties.  Pictures of the family, posts about where we are going for the holidays, what we are doing, what we are eating, where we ate it, who made the meal, and the list goes on and on.

I guess social media takes on the same changes as any other part of our life.  Perhaps we post a little different, we are not nearly as controversial, we “Like” a little bit more, “Comment” a little more thoughtfully, “Share” a few more posts, “ReTweet” more quickly, and “+1” with emphasis.

red_white_presents_pc_1600_clr_1452I know that as psychology professional that social media can be narcissistic, ego driven (well maybe perhaps Id driven), but honestly this time a year I do watch it change.  It is almost like we give presents to our friends, followers, and connections. I see how old friends reconnect, families share their photo experiences, the fun holiday party pictures, or pull out the old holiday quotes, pictures or songs that remind us again that at least for a little while that we are just a little different.  Perhaps a little lighter or little brighter.

I have found over the years of using all of these social media platforms that the one thing is true about this time of year, and that is people are little more receptive and tolerant than normal.  People are more willing to be friends, be followers, be connections.  Perhaps it is this time of year that makes more accepting, or just simply more willing to give back.

Holiday Gifts for Your Business and Social Media

There is a golden opportunity for business on social media that many businesses do not take advantage of.   This time of year can help grow your social media presence and create some goodwill that can last the whole year long.  I think there are many, but here are my top 3:

christmas_elf_present_800_clr_69001.  You can demonstrate your a “giver” not a “taker”.

Look I am in business like anyone else to make a profit, but this time of year affords a great opportunity to demonstrate that you are more than a profit center.  Perhaps your business goes to the shelters and serves meals, let people in your social media circles know.  Take it a step further and invite your friends, followers, and connections to come along with you to help.  Give them an opportunity to share in the joy of giving.

2.  You can demonstrate that your business is more than business, but you can have some fun too.

wrapped_in_ribbon_clip_1600_clr_10213So often as businesses we feel we always have to remain professional.  This is the perfect time of year and an acceptable time for you and your business to have a little fun.  Demonstrating to others that you have a sense of humor, and that like everyone else you celebrate the holidays in an enjoyable manner.

People like fun.  Have you watched or listened to the news lately?  Heck we need some fun.  What a treat for someone to walk into your place of business knowing that they can come in and escape the problems of the world for just a moment, because you are bit more relaxed and enjoying the holiday time of year.

You can demonstrate that in your social media by perhaps having a few pictures or video of the decorations, employees wearing their Santa or elf hats, or maybe hanging that piece of mistletoe over the bosses door…that should bring a smile or three.

I would also encourage you to dress up your profiles on your different social media.  It’s like putting up lights around the house or the building.  My only caution is don’t wait until February to take them down.

3.  Introduce the family and extended family


This time of year is still a family time of year.  Let people know who your family is.  This includes your personal family, but also include your employee family as well.  You can use your social media to introduce us to the people who help make your business go and grow.  Tell us a little about them, why you are grateful for them, and how instrumental they are to your success.  Give us an opportunity to know the names and faces so that when come to your place of business we already feel like we know not only your business, but the people that we will more than likely work with when we enter the threshold.

4.  What’s the Point?

santa_sign_showing_pc_1600_clr_1465The point is that the Holiday Season gives a great opportunity to demonstrate our humanity.  We can let people see that other side of who we are without losing credibility or professionalism.  If there is ever a time where you can show to others just how real and human you are either face to face or on your social media it is the holiday season.

Why is that important for your business?  We as consumers like working with people and businesses we know, like, and trust…and the more human, the more real, the more touchable that we are…the more people are attracted to you both personally and professionally.

I would love to hear what you are doing to demonstrate your social media business in holiday style?

Stay Successful My Friends and Have an Awesome Holiday Season!

Jay Izso, Internet Doctor®


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