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Grief, Grieving, Sharing Your Loss

At some point we are all going to experience loss.  Grieving that loss is a personal journey.  It matters not if the loss was the death of a spouse, friend, pet, or even the death of a dream.  Even those of you who are digging out of hurricane’s Michael and Florence have experienced the loss of perhaps loved ones, your homes, and your memories.  Sadly, loss affects all of us, and we are going to more than likely experience loss multiple times in our lifetime.

On Episode 18 of A New Direction (AND) Dr. Sherry Cormier joins us to talk about her journey of loss and grief through her new book entitled, “”Sweet Sorrow: Finding Enduring Wholeness after Loss and Grief”

Dr. Cormier is a psychologist who experienced a wealth of tragedy.  The Loss of her loving husband, her father, her mother, her dog, and her only sibling…all in a relatively short period of time.  Her book takes you through her journey and offers such amazing advice on how to help move you through your own grief as well as giving advice to those of us who are trying to help those we love move through their loss and grief.

This is one of those shows that will benefit you, and benefit those you care about.  The advice is practical, encouraging, and will truly help you and those you love move through their own journey of grief and loss with far more grace.

Dr. Cormier was so gracious with her time that you get an extended version of A New Direction.  So please tell your friends, have them download and listen to the show.  And please share the show with anyone and everyone that is working through their journey of loss and grief.



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