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Dealing With People You Can’t Stand – Dr. Rick Brinkman

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Conscious Communication with Dr. Rick Brinkman — Co-author Dealing with People You Can't Stand on A New DirectoinLet’s be honest we have all come in contact with someone in our family or career who we just did not want to be around.  Perhaps it is the whiner who lets you know about all the doom and gloom and that the world is in unfair and it is all crashing down around them.  Maybe it is the martyr, you know, the one who feels as if after they have done so many things for you that your response back to them is not enough, and they believe you just don’t care.  Maybe it’s that person in the office who waits for the perfect moment to disrupt the meeting with some snide comment, you know…the sniper.  Maybe it’s the yes person who does everything for everybody but doesn’t get the work done you need to get done.   All of these and other people who are people you just can’t stand.

Dealing with people you can't stand - on A New DirectionIn this episode of A New Direction Dr. Rick Brinkman co-author of the book “Dealing with People You Can’t Stand” enlightens us on how we have to deal with such people.  We all want those people to change, but the truth is, we have to change first.  And that starts when begin to understand that their intent may not be all bad.  In fact, they, in their own way believe that they are being helpful to the cause.  If you want these people to ultimately change, we will ultimately have to take a different approach.  And rather than focusing on their change, we need to focus on how we influence those people to start altering their behavior in a more desirable way that we can get along.  “Dealing with People You Can’t Stand” has sold over 2,000,000 copies and is a book that you will thoroughly enjoy and certainly learn from so you can better deal with those difficult people.

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