Coronavirus Small Business Stimulus Q and A with David Forrest A New Direction Jay Izso

Coronavirus Small Business Stimulus – Q & A – David Forrest Sr. VP Fidelity Bank

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David J Forrest A New Direction Coronavirus Small Business StimulusWe are living in very unique times that is for certain.  There is no one who could have prepared to see so many businesses suddenly close their doors and employees suddenly be out of work.  But that is exactly what has happened as CoVid-19 or the Coronavirus entered our world.  Many small businesses may be completely shut down…some are barely going to get by.  The U.S. Government has signaled that they are offering a stimulus program for small business, but what does that really look like and who has access to that money?

Small Business Development Centers Answer Your Questions About ...In this episode of A New Direction Senior Vice President and Senior Business Development Officer for Fidelity Bank David Forrest joins us on to help you better understand how the stimulus works and gives you some things to think about.  This program is filled with some great insights into the different loans available if and how they will be paid back,  some of the terms and conditions and so much more!  David Forest will give you some of the most up-to-date coronavirus information he has along with a few of his personal stories along the way. By the way if you want to  learn more about the Small Business Stimulus just head on over to

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