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Change Your Questions, Change Your Life, Business, and Coaching – Dr. Marilee Adams

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Marilee Adams PhD - Change Your Questions Change Your LifeHave you ever been around someone you are trying to avoid?  Or maybe it is someone that you feel like you just cannot get along with?  Maybe you believe there is someone out to get your job or get you fired?  Maybe it is your boss or manager that you feel like you have to walk on egg shells around because you just “know” they are out to get you?  And any one of these feelings translates into your shoulders creeping up to your ears, your heart rate increases, you have these horrible imaginary conversations with yourself.   And at the end it all may say something like, “I’ll show them!”.  Welcome to the “Judger Mindset”  our mindset that takes down the spiral path and pit of self-destruction.  Nothing gets accomplished, we get more and more skeptical and we wallow in our pit.  What if I told you there was a way to get out? What if I told you you can change! There is and this is were you have to employ your Question Thinking ™, start asking switcher questions and get into the Learner Mindset.

In this episode of  A New Direction we are blessed with the presence of Clinical Psychologist and Coach to the Fortune 10 Dr. Marliee Adams PhD and her best selling book Change your Questions Change Your Life:  12 Powerful Tools for Leadership Coaching and Life.  This book is a game changer for everyone!  Seriously, Change Your Questions Change Your Life gives you tools to help you take control of those immediate reactions you have to different people and situations and helps you start developing questions to switch you from having a Judger Mindset so that  you can rationally and calmly through the asking of the right question come up with not only better answer but better results.  Change Your Questions Change Your Life is perfect to better develop yourself, teams, leaders, and coaches.  When you purchase your copy you can enter in a code to get your free “choice map” that can help you navigate from Judger, to Switcher questions so you can get to the Learner Mindset.  Read set Get your Copy Here!

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