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Sales, Marketing and the Entrepreneur – Steve Brown – The Golden Toilet

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As an entrepreneur we typically are idea people.  Some of us are sales people, but it seems like the more entrepreneurs I interview the more I see their creative side than their sales side.  Sometimes it appears to be an attitude of, “if I build it, they will come”.  The truth is many entrepreneur types not only have a problem …

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Stop Flushing Your Marketing Budget Down the Tech Toilet – Steve Brown

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“Build me a website, that’s what we need to have a successful business”.  Then what happens?  They continue to spend money on website design, SEO,  and other IT initiatives only to do one thing…run out of money.  That marketing philosophy is the “if we build it, they will come”.  Like something out of the movie “Field of Dreams”.  The only …

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The Best Story Wins – Leveraging Hollywood Storytelling for Your Business and Beyond – Matt Luhn

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Stories are powerful.  They improve our learning.  They help us to understand and remember things and events we may not ordinarily not remember.  Stories affect our brain chemistry, they manufacture emotions that help us relate not only to the parts of the story, but also to the person telling the story. Matthew Luhn joins A New Direction with his latest …

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Checking in on You and Your Mission

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Episode 34 of A New Direction is totally focused on you and your mission. How are you right now in the four areas of your life? The physical, the mental, the emotional, and the spiritual? Matthew Luhn wrote a book entitled “The Best Story Wins” in his book he makes a statement that I pose to you as a question. …

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Take Your Marketing to the Next Level – Launching to Leading – Ken Rutsky – AND 33

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The world is in constant change.  And when it come to marketing there is no doubt that there is an ever changing world to overcome if you want to be successful as a business.  If you own a business or are the CEO of one, you know that one of your biggest headaches is marketing.  First, like most owners and …