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How Your Business Can Compete in a Digital Age – The Relationship Economy – John DiJulius

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 john r dijulius on A New Direction with Jay IzsoTechnology, social media, phone apps, Alexa, Siri, Go Google, Artificial Intelligence, there is so much coming at us.  When it comes to our business…what do we do?  Which one or ones do we choose?  If any? What is going to give our business the competitive edge?  How much is going to cost?  What can I afford?  What is really going to make a difference?  The questions are endless.  And it may leave you feeling overwhelmed, helpless, hopeless and over matched.  What is the answer as we enter into the next decade?  We are so focused on technology in today’s world we have perhaps overlooked Occam’s Razor.  That is the most simplest answer sits right before us.  Not that it is easy, but it is staring us right in the face.  You feel it, I feel it, your customer wants it.  What is it?  A real relationship.

In this episode of A New Direction Best Selling Author John R. DiJulius opens our eyes to the research and examples of the one thing that will compete and overcome any technology.  The quality and depth of our relationships with our past, current, and future customers.  The fact is there is no app to develop a relationship.  Alexa doesn’t really care about your family, occupation, your recreational joys, or your hopes and dreams.  Only people can do that.  As John DiJulius explains in his outstanding book “The Relationship Economy:  Building Stronger Customer Connections in the Digital Age”  people want to be in relationships, but not temporary ones, not ones with the idea of gathering business, but ones that are real, genuine, authentic and meaningful.

As technology has increased and surrounds us the very thing that will separate your business from every other will be how well you can truly make your customer “feel” special.  And “The Relationship Economy” and John DiJulius takes a microscopic and example filled approach to helping you make your business a difference maker with people.  Here is a really simple question:  Are you a business that people love?  Sounds awkward when you ask it, but think about the businesses you truly love.  They are the ones you are loyal to, the ones that you keep going back to, the ones that make you feel special, important, provide value, and the one try to convince your friends to use.  If your were the kind of business that people loved…what would that do for your bottom line?  That is the Relationship Economy and how it will change your business.  Thank you for listening to the show, and please share it with your friends.  Also, I would love to hear from you about the show you can always reach me at

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