Bonus Content: Preparing Your Business For a Storm Tips from Jeff Snell COO & Founder Enlign Business Brokers and Advisors AND 16b

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What?  Bonus Content!  You can catch this content immediately on Episode 16, but if you would just like to listen to the bonus content on it’s own.  Here it is!  Jeff Snell, COO and Founder of Enlign Business Brokers and Advisors shares his tips for “Preparing Your Business for a Storm”

Why this content?  It just happened to be that both Jeff and I were taping this podcast during Hurricane Michael.  We even lost power, but we pushed through to record this amazing content that will help you prepare your business for what ever natural storms are out of your control to help you be better prepared for keeping you business up and running.

This is a perfect example of finding A New Direction that can help you with your employees, data protection, and even marketing.  I can promise if you employ these bad weather tips prior to the storm you will not only protect your business, you will actually create some opportunities for your business to be seen and heard.

Take a listen!

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