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The Leadership Killer – Captain John Havlik (US Navy SEALs retired)

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So often we point fingers at leaders for their problems.  We will look so intently at the things we do not like about a particular leader and in the process we neglect to realize we have become arrogant believing that we “know” more, or someone else would be better suited to be in their place.  The fact is our belief …

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How to Start Fixing Your Culture – Culture Fix – Colin Ellis

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It has been said that “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” well if that is so true why do people spend more money on “strategy” than “culture”?  Think about this way…you can have what is considered to be a great strategy, but if your people will not implement it…it really doesn’t matter.  The reality is if you have a great culture …

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Eliminate Fear – Fearless Leadership – Alan Weiss

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Fear.  So often we do not want to admit it.  But as long as we are human we will fear.  But what about fear when it comes to leadership?  Can a leader afford to be afraid?  A leader may deny their they are afraid, but the truth is their behavior will give them away.  Because no matter how hard you …

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How to Transition to Your Next Job in the Right Way – I Hereby Resign – Steven Manchel

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There is a variety of research out there that suggests you will have between 7 and 10 jobs in your life time.  For some more and others less.  Of all those jobs that you will take will be with the competition of the employer you are currently working for.  Job transitioning on the outset sounds like a fundamental right.  And …

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Mingle: The Art of Face-to-Face Networking in the Digital Era – Steven David Elliot

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Networking is truly more are than science.  There is a tremendous difference between those who are great networkers and those that work at networking.  There are many people, perhaps you who just dread the idea of networking, or perhaps are frustrated by it, or maybe you have felt that you have tried networking face-to-face, but you just didn’t get the …

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People Over Process: Leadership for Agility – Michael K. Levine

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Agile is a process that allows teams to basically work independently on small pieces of a larger project.  Basically they govern themselves, work in spurts (called sprints) and are suppose to be unified on what they will work on at any given time.  But does that really work without leadership involvement?  Perhaps not as consistently well as we would like …

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Getting the Love You Need – Love Needs – Dr. Mike Garrett

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No one ever says:  “We hope to find the right person, fall hopelessly and passionately in love, have a beautiful wedding, live together for a while then let our relationship disintegrate and crash and burn in divorce”.  Yet so many relationships do disintegrate and wind up in divorce.  Why?  When we stop getting the love that we need …we stop …

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7 Principles to Change Your Business and Your Life: Conscious Leadership – Michael Bianco-Splann

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Yesterday is not today…well that’s obvious.  So why do we believe that so many of yesterday’s leadership principles will still be effective today?  The fact is when it comes to work attitudes have changed.  Jobs are plentiful and when people do not like their boss, manager, or CEO, they just leave.  This costs the business massive amounts of money.  At …

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Change Your Questions, Change Your Life, Business, and Coaching – Dr. Marilee Adams

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Have you ever been around someone you are trying to avoid?  Or maybe it is someone that you feel like you just cannot get along with?  Maybe you believe there is someone out to get your job or get you fired?  Maybe it is your boss or manager that you feel like you have to walk on egg shells around …

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Fix Your Culture and Increase Profit and Productivity – Culture Fix – Colin D Ellis

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In a survey of 1400 American business it was cited that 92% of executives said that cultural change was critical and a driver to increase their company’s values.  Yet only 16% said their culture is where it needs to be.  It is not surprising.  When it comes to business culture we talk a good talk, but we do little to …