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Strategy – Execution – Results: Get in Gear – Sean T. Ryan

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Whether it is business or life you probably have some sort of strategy, but is that strategy producing the results that you had hoped for?  So what is the problem?  Is it the strategy…maybe, but probably not.  When it comes to getting the results that you want the biggest issue may be your execution.  Meaning that everything is in the …

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Leadership for Greatness: Lessons from John Wooden – Lynn Guerin

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John Wooden was the greatest college basketball coach of all time.  He won 10 National Championships and 4 undefeated seasons while at UCLA.  Some have even said, that John Wooden was the greatest coach of any sport…it would be hard to argue against him.  As great as John Wooden was as a basketball coach he was even a better coach …

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Entrepreneur Success Be Undaunted – Kara Goldin

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If you talk to the most successful Entrepreneurs in the world you will find that there are many traits that are associated with success.  And one of those traits is being undaunted.  Being entrepreneur requires you to be perseverant even when everyone else wants you to quit.  It means being resilient when you yourself feel like quitting.  As an Undaunted  …

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Creativity – The Secret to Business Success – Nir Bashan

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Every business focuses on pretty much the same thing…the numbers, or as we like to say, “the analytics”.  But like a doctor who can only prescribe medicine for the symptoms, the numbers, or analytics cannot get to the core of your issues and problems.  What is more the number and analytics cannot solve your problems.  But Creativity can!  This is …

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Opportunity Is All Around Us – Money In The Streets – Barry Habib

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Opportunity is truly all around us.   However, so few of us capitalize on them and for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes we don’t see them because of fear, sometimes we miss them because of our attitude of negativity, or perhaps we miss it because we simply do not have the skills to recognize opportunities.  So how do we develop those …

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PTSD: It Affects Us All – Arsenal of Hope – Jen Satterly

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According to the National Center for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) 7-8% of the population is suffering from this malady.  It is often ignored, misunderstood, and often attribute other reasons to the behavior of those with PTSD.   For sure those men and women who are or were combat veterans, first responders, and Covid front line workers have the greatest potential …

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Managing People – What You Should Know – The Good Manager – Ralph Peterson

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Everyone wants to be a manager.  They have this erroneous belief that when you become a manager that you have extra benefits and your work is less.  DON’T YOU BELIEVE IT!  There is a reason why there are so many managing jobs out there.  One is because in a very short time people realize that the work and responsibility is …

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Remote Work: How Your Business and You Can Thrive – Sharon Koifman

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Since the Covid-19 Pandemic more business are having their employees work from home.  And when it comes to remote work some companies love it and some do not.  This is also true of employees.  More introverts feel like they have reached the mecca, while the extroverts are suffering.  So then when it comes to remote work what does a business …