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Leading The Demotivated Employee – Dr. Tara Peters

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How many times have I been asked, “how can I motivate my people”?  It is question that is asked of every coach.  As a coach we typically do not give an answer because we know you are not ready to hear the truth.  And even if we were to tell it to you, you not only have a reluctance to …

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Real Talk from a US Special Operations Guy – All Secure – Tom Satterly

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You may have seen the movie “Black Hawk Down” at the very least you may have heard of it.  Did you know that the fire fight lasted for 18 hours making it the longest fight since the Vietnam war?  Did you or do you know someone who actually fought in that battle?  Well you will in this episode of A …

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The Revenge of Dealing with Difficult People – Dr. Rick Brinkman

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We have all had to deal with “difficult people”.  You know those people who have certain behaviors that can just annoy, unnerve, or even anger us.  We are talking about those people you just can’t stand.  And they show up in a variety of ways.  Sometimes they  come directly at us with explosive anger (the “Tank”) and then as soon …

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Be a Better Leader and Transform Your Business – Maureen Metcalf

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Change is inevitable, but in today’s world change comes at us at an accelerated pace.  This means that businesses and organizations must be able to transform.  How does a business do that?  Well it starts with the leader.  There must a leader that first must transform before he business can transform.  If I were to ask you the question do …

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Dealing With People You Can’t Stand – Dr. Rick Brinkman

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Let’s be honest we have all come in contact with someone in our family or career who we just did not want to be around.  Perhaps it is the whiner who lets you know about all the doom and gloom and that the world is in unfair and it is all crashing down around them.  Maybe it is the martyr, …

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Craft Your Own Career on Your Terms – BE-EDGE Strategy – Dr Julia Ivy

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What if I told you that you can actually craft your own career?  Meaning what if you could put your passions, gifts, talents, and desires together and actually create the career you were looking for?  Would you be interested if the career you wanted could be had?  What if I told you that there is a demonstrated method that has …

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Coronavirus Small Business Stimulus – Q & A – David Forrest Sr. VP Fidelity Bank

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We are living in very unique times that is for certain.  There is no one who could have prepared to see so many businesses suddenly close their doors and employees suddenly be out of work.  But that is exactly what has happened as CoVid-19 or the Coronavirus entered our world.  Many small businesses may be completely shut down…some are barely …

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Take Back Your Life and Career: Own Your Job – Dr. Michael Colburn

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Have you ever said, “I hate my job”?  Maybe you have said, “I need to make a career change”.  Did you know for most people they believe that the problem with their current job or career is their boss?  Research has even pointed out the most people leave their job because of their boss.  What if I were to tell …

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Start Your Business with Minimal Capital – How to Launch Your Side Hustle – Troy Underwood

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Have you ever thought you could be an entrepreneur?  Probably.  You have either now or sometime in the past have said, “my idea could be a business”.  So what stopped you?  Maybe you didn’t believe your idea was good enough.  Maybe you thought, “where am I going to get the money”.  Maybe the whole idea of just running your own …

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The Leadership Killer – Captain John Havlik (US Navy SEALs retired)

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So often we point fingers at leaders for their problems.  We will look so intently at the things we do not like about a particular leader and in the process we neglect to realize we have become arrogant believing that we “know” more, or someone else would be better suited to be in their place.  The fact is our belief …