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Culture Myths and a New Science of Culture – Dr. David White

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There is so much written on company and corporate culture that it would be impossible to read it all in a life time.  Most of what is written can be classified as “pop culture”.  We often get clever sayings like, “culture eats strategy for breakfast”.   But does it really?  To start with what is culture when it comes to a …

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Overcoming Conflict – Dangerous Love – Chad Ford

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We all will experience conflict, but how do we handle it?  Are you a conflict avoider?  Hoping the problem will go away.  Maybe you are a conflict enforcer?  Where you take control of situation and it is your way or the hi-way.  Perhaps your a conflict manager?  You just want to manage the conflict not really dealing with the issues …

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Relationship Skills for Today’s Complex World – Beyond Mars and Venus – Dr. John Gray

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There was a time when men and women had specific roles in their relationship.  Typically the man worked at his job, and the wife stayed at home.  While that seems archaic by today’s standards the fact of the matter was it actually made the relationship much easier and steadier because everyone knew their role, and as we often say today, …

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Employee Grief: What Leaders Must Do – The Dying Art of Leadership – Guy and Anthony Casablanca

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Did you that more than 17,000,000 employees this year will experience some sort of loss that will lead to their grief?  Meaning that 47,000 employees today are walking into work in grief having experienced some tragic loss in their life.  Did you also know that grief costs companies around $75 Billion in productivity loss a year.  The fact is friends …

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What the Heck is Leadership and Why Should I Care? Dr. Gary DePaul

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There are so many theories on Leadership it can get quite exhausting.  In fact Leadership theory is wide and so vast you may find yourself throwing your arms up in the air and saying, “I’m just going to do leadership my way”.  Well it is confusing.  And it causes us to ask more questions, such as: “Is leadership the same …

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Lead and Discover Your Purpose from Your Job – Dr. Michael Colburn

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Are you leading from your current job?  Why not?  Have you discovered what you are purpose in  your current job?  What?  Why?  Are you thinking to yourself well I am just a (fill in the blank).  You are NOT a “just a”.  You are and can be a leader from your current job.  Being a leader does not require a …

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Sales, Marketing and the Entrepreneur – Steve Brown – The Golden Toilet

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As an entrepreneur we typically are idea people.  Some of us are sales people, but it seems like the more entrepreneurs I interview the more I see their creative side than their sales side.  Sometimes it appears to be an attitude of, “if I build it, they will come”.  The truth is many entrepreneur types not only have a problem …

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Relationship Differences: Men Are Like Waffles – Women Are Like Spaghetti – Bill & Pam Farrel

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It is no surprise that men and women are different.  Not just our physiology, but how we communicate, handle stress, deal with conflict, the differences we see in relaxing, romancing, sex and more.  So often we can go so frustrated with these differences we can live in misery, or eventually we may get to the point where we feel like …

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Your Career Future in an AI Digital Tech World – Somi Arian – Career Fear

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Here are the facts we are in a revolution where artificial intelligence (AI), digital spaces, and technology are speedily influencing our world.  So much so that even a seemingly sound career is being affected dramatically.  In many cases jobs and careers that were done by humans have been replaced by computers.  We are also seeing that many positions salaries have …