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So many people talk about leadership, but how does that really translate into everyday life?  What about the language of leadership?  Is Leadership Language only used in the business world or can we apply it to our whole life?

In Episode 17 of A New Direction I talk with Author, Business Consultant, Keynote Speaker, Advisor to the “sharks”, Chris Westfall. (see  Chris has a new book published by Wiley publishers entitle “Leadership Language – Using Authentic Communication to Drive Results”

Before you even think this book is only for business people, CEO’s and such, you would be wrong.  This book is for everyone!  If you are single it will speak to you about dating, if you are married how to better lead in your marriage, if you are janitor it will speak to you how to lead from what ever position in life you are in…and yes, even you CEO, COO, CFO, CTO or what ever C-suite you are in it will speak to you as well.

Chris and I discuss topics such as what do leaders think, redefining leadership, what is it you have that makes you a leader, why is creativity the number one desired quality in a leader,  who sits in the empty chair and so much more!

Leadership Language is delicious, you will be dipping your brain bread in the sauce of the book and licking your fingers…it is that great of a book” ~Jay Izso

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