AND Special: Dr. Robert Huizenga – Dr. to the Stars and the “Biggest Loser” – “Sex, Lies & STDs”

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Every so often an interview comes along that you cannot pass up. And this is why we have the SPECIAL EDITION of A New Direction. One Hollywood;’s most famous Medical Doctors, Dr. Robert Huizenga joins me to talk about his life, his story, and his brand new Book Sex, Lies & STDs: The Must Read Before You Swipe Right (Book 1)

Dr. Huizenga was a the doctor featured on Televisions “Biggest Loser”, he has also been on the Dr. Oz show, he was the NFL’s youngest team doctor with the Los Angeles Raiders, and he joins me in this episode. You will find Dr. Huizenga is a bit of a renaissance man, with multiple passions and interests. You will find him interesting, engaging, fun, and wealth of information.

His latest book, Sex, Lies & STDs: The Must Read Before You Swipe Right i(Book 1) is a result of his ongoing passion to supply people with the scientific facts of a delicate subject and put into words that everyone can understand. Dr. Huizenga spend three years researching and writing this material so that he could begin to set the record straight on sex and STD’s.

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