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Adventures in Diet Land -Lessons from a Former Fat Guy – Ralph Peterson

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Ralph Peterson Diet LandMost all of us at one time or another have said to ourselves…”I really need to lose some weight”.  Or maybe you looked at yourself in the mirror naked and thought to yourself…”that cannot be me!”  The fact is being overweight is a problem.  We tried to diet, but we failed.  So we just give up.  Then we may try to excuse it, accept it, and create mantra’s around it that take our weight and throw a bow around it, or we can face the truth about it.  What is the truth?  Being overweight is not healthy for ourselves, for our careers, or for our family and friends.  Being overweight creates problems and the longer we do not address our weight and unhealthy eating patterns, the greater and more numerous the problems become.

Adventures in Diet Land - Ralph PetersonRalph Peterson joins us on A New Direction with his best selling book, “Adventures in Diet Land:How to Win at the Game of Dieting from a Former Fat Guy“.  Ralph Peterson woke up with his wedged between the toilet seat and the tub, embarrassed, hungover, and fat.  He was eating too much, drinking too much, and he was ready to end it all, take his life and be done with it.  He tried every diet and failed.  Most of the time to lose some weight only to gain it all back plus some.  Now over 350 pounds, life made less sense to him.  Then…something changed inside him…the rock bottom moment…he got himself in this situation, he needed to get himself out of it, but he was going to need some help.

Adventures in Diet Land is a phenomenal read.  The book takes you through Ralph’s story and then he gives you the 50 life changing rules that he follows to this day that helped him lose more than 150 lbs!  One of the biggest takeaways you will get from this episode of A New Direction and Adventures in Diet Land is dieting really never works.  There has to be a significant change and that change must start with you!  Adventures in Diet Land is available in all formats.  As soon as you read it, it will become clear why it was an Amazon best seller.  You can learn more about Ralph Peterson by going to www.RalphPeterson.com

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