40 Rules Every Sales Pro Needs to Know – Gregg Jackson AND13

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In this episode of A New Direction we talk with Best Selling Author Gregg Jackson and his most recent book.  “40 Rules Every Sales Pro Needs to Know“.  The book is a quick read made up of literally 40 one page rules that will help you in your business, life, marriage, and career.

Gregg and I talk about such topics “how do we give a customer value”, “having the hard conversations with your customers”, “knowing your customers pain points” “the importance of being authentically you, and so much more!  This show is one I assure you that you will want to keep for yourself and listen to over and over again, but will want to share with your friends and family as well.

I highly recommend you purchase the book: 40 Rules Every Sales Person Needs to Know

Also check out Gregg’s website:  www.GreggJackson.com

And Gregg has also graciously allowed for me to put his email so you can reach him.  His email is Gregg.Jackson@gmail.com

As always thank you for reading and for listening!  You are the best listeners ever!

I always welcome your comments on A New Direction so send them directly to me jay@jayizso.com

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