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Entrepreneurship: Putting Things Together to Create a Career: Douglas Smythe: Phoenix Shaving – AND5

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In this episode of AND I talk with entrepreneur and owner of Phoenix Shaving Douglas Smythe (Twitter @Douglas_Smythe) He also is co-host of the popular YouTube Channel I’d Lather Be Shaving And his own YouTube Channel Douglas Smythe Douglas is all about all things shaving…from preshave to post shave.  He makes his own shaving products and more. You do not want …

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Leadership in the 21st Century – Anni Keffer – AND4

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In this episode of AND Leadership expert and author talks all things leadership.  How we define it can be a big reason why we may not understand Leadership in the first place. Anni Keffer is a nationally-recognized Author, Youth Leadership Speaker, Entrepreneur and Founder of the Young Women of Influence Conference. Check out her new book Leadership Built on Why …

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The Future of Money – Joel Block – AND3

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In this episode of AND Jay Izso talks about our relationship with money and checks in with you on your 4 dimensions…the physical, the mental, the emotional, and the spiritual. World renown financial expert Joel Block talks to us about the economy, real estate, local markets and the future of finances in the U.S. and around the world.  Check out …

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So You Want to Get into Radio? – Ray Carr and James Lowe Jiggy Jaguar – AND 2

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This episode of AND we talk to radio personality Ray Carr (the Ray Carr Show) from Cleveland Ohio and his journey and love for radio and his trials, tribulations, perseverance, and success.           We also bring in Radio personality James Lowe a.k.a. Jiggy Jaguar (The Jiggy Jaguar Experience)to get his perspective with Ray on all things radio …

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Being Better with Your Money – Heather Wagenhals – What’s Up with Real Estate?- Linda Craft – AND1

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In this episode of AND the Internet Doctor segment. Special Guest Heather Wagenhals talks about our relationship with money, and is college really necessary to be a financial success.  Check out her website:  As she is also the host of Unlock Your Wealth Radio, Also check out her books on Amazon:  Bushido Business and Yes You Can In the final segment 15 minutes with …