Black Friday and Holiday Spending, Retrain Your Brain to Avoid the Credit Card Blues – Heather Wagenhals – AND 22

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Oh the holidays are upon us.  Black Friday is proclaiming just how much money you will save and Cyber Monday is calling your wallet.  The commercials are telling you to spend, spend, spend!  Your a giver…you want to give the best to everyone and the credit card chip is just one insert a way from signing your name to another gift purchase.

Related imageIt all feels so good.  The anticipation of waiting in front of the store for hours to get the best deals, and brag about it the next time at work to your colleagues.  Christmas comes those precious treasures are opened and the wrapping paper scattered about the floor.  A giant smile comes across your face…it is after all “A Wonderful Life”.

You make it through the New Year full of joy…and possibly the regret of one too many adult beverages, but the holiday season feelings continue.  The smiles on your faces and those of your loved ones recreates a sparkle of the big day past.  Then….

In comes the first credit card bill…it hits you…”Oh what have I done”.  Enter the 12 Bar blues and your once smiling and joyful heart turns from “ho ho” to “Oh no”.  Could this been avoided?  Heather Wagenhals financial expert, author, and host of “Unlock Your Wealth Today”  gives us some insights into how our brain and behavior have created this situation.  Then as only Heather can do, she unleashes some amazing tips and brain tricks to help you avoid those credit card blues so that you can start your New Year, with A New Direction.

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